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How to speed up FTP transfers with LFTP

FTP transfers can seem to slow down and grind to a halt and you never reach the ‘line speed’ of you connection. This can be due to latency or bandwidth throttling. Latency is the amount of time it takes a

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How to create virtual filesystems in Linux

Occasionally you may need to create a virtual filesystem to simulate adding a quota to a directory.  For example you are looking after a system which does not have volume management configured and an application keeps on filling up a

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How to find files with Linux

Newbies to Linux often wonder how to find files. In windows the search function is pretty much part of the O/S but on Linux things can be trickier and there are several ways to do things.  There are GUI options,

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How to setup a Raspberry Pi as a DHCP Server in 2 minutes

This quick tutorial assumes you understand Linux and just need the raw steps to get dhcp working on the pi. It should work on any Debian installation including ubuntu or Mint. ssh to your pi Become root: $ sudo su

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