Royal Mail

Assisting Royal Mail during their period of high pressure (Autumn, Winter 2017). Part of an ATOS team to discover and pre-empt (and prevent) major incidents. Discovery, patching, monitoring, implementing changes. Success was measured by the number of M.I.’s during the pressure period. Previous years had high numbers of M.I.s. We were able to prevent any M.I.s occuring during 2017 – ZERO!  In January Knowledge Transfer, documentation and further monitoring was put in place and the function was handed back to Royal Mail.

RS Components

Working with ATOS, Altash Ltd provided Redhat cluster design and support services for a short project. The project was concluded quickly and successfully. Due to excellent feedback, ATOS re-engaged with us for the Royal Mail project above.

W Lucy Ltd

P2V virtualisation of entire development team. Previous systems running on disparate, uncontrolled hardware, functional but not compliant with internal standards and not connected to corporate services. Virtualisation on the organisations VMware/ESX infrastructure allowed performance improvements, redundancy, Single Sign On, patching and simpler compliance. Project ran for 6 months and was concluded successfully.

Ntegra Ltd

Technical Consultancy:  Design, Documentation and Implementation, Delivery Management of various projects for Blue Chip customers including Vodafone and Greenfield Community Housing Project. Projects included Disaster Recovery, Build services, Replication and Shell Script coding of bespoke managed file transfer solution. Technologies and Operating Systems used included: Oracle NAS 7420, StorageTek SL3000 Tape library. X4470, X6270 servers and blades. Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL) and RHEL versions 5/6/7 and Solaris 10/11.

Rakiro Ltd

Small project team to improve performance of the Solaris-based Vodafone Mediation applications in line with urgent capacity requirements. Role required analysis of current infrastructure and identifying areas where performance could be improved and presenting these to management. Areas investigated were filesystem performance, storage, cpu upgrades, memory upgrades, application migrations to extra hardware.  The work covered three tactical phases and increased performance from 90 million records processed per day to over 220 million records processed. Technically, the work included, performance monitoring and testing, VCS cluster config, filesystem tuning, CPU upgrades, memory upgrades, Java VM tuning

Elinia  Web Services

Senior Technical Project Lead managing phases I and II of project providing National Trust with new infrastructure.  Main technologies involved were EMC CX3-10 and CX4-240 Clariion arrays, HP C7000 Blade enclosures containing BL680c (VMware ESX 3.5) and BL460c (Windows 2008) blade servers. Three management servers were also supplied as part of the project running HP System Insight Manager (including Altiris Remote Deployment Package) and Backup Exec.

Current work includes internal backup upgrade  project which involves Dell MD3000i SAN, Netbackup, CommVault and BackupExec.

Vodafone UK

Technical / Project Management: Unix System migrations.

Key senior technical project role as part of team migrating Solaris and  HP-UX (10 and 11) billing/mediation systems to Dublin from the UK.  Role involved assisting with system analysis (discovery) and design, coordinating and project managing the initial O/S builds by remote teams in Dublin and Germany. Introduced a new check-system for monitoring RAG status of system build tasks which was then also used by subsequent projects. Also responsible for reporting in regular management meetings. Technically I performed hands on clustering (VCS), filesystem creation, mirroring , performance tuning and optimisation (VxVM and VxFS), scripting (korn shell), DiskXtender data migration, backups, documentation. The Mediation system migrations were successfully implemented both on time and under-budget for which a bonus was earned.

Hewlett Packard and Rakiro LLP for Vodafone UK

Data Centre Consolidation

Assisted this major comms supplier and its partners with  a major DCC project, relocating multiple systems to non-EU locations. Working with and coordinating build teams in Germany and India to deliver new hardware to which applications and data were migrated.  Performed QA of delivered builds, acceptance of O/S, hardware and clustering configurations.

Vodafone UK – Unix Deployments

Unix Platforms/Deployment Management:  Implementation and upgrading and interim support of 22  V1280s consisting of seven  Veritas clusters. Design and build of 6 node Veritas Cluster (V4.1) 4xV440, 2xV490.  Performance was critical on these systems and performance optimisation was critical.  Main technologies include: Solaris 8/9/10. Jumpstart, Veritas Clustering, Legato Networker, Client, VxVM, VxFS, Disksuite (SVM), attachment to HP XP SAN and EMC arrays, Legato/EMC DiskXtender, Bare Metal backups/restores (using Networker), openSSH, performance monitoring via openView, solaris IPMP.Server provisioning using jumpstart/WANboot. Major success in this role was assisting in the solution of the performance issues which required liasing with 3rd parties such as Sun, Veritas and EMC. After many long hours and testing we were able to provide a system which exceeded performance requirements.

Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical

1/ Project Resource Planning: project management and organisational role; managing technical and human resources  for delivery of systems across the EMA region. This involved receiving system requests from the business, selecting suitable analysts for the builds and coordinating their time with other project requirements and liasing with suppliers as regards price and delivery dates. Weekly PMO reporting to update master project plan and align with global requirements. Pan-European conference calls  to ensure project requirements were met.  All systems were delivered on time and many exceeded performance expectations.

2/ Senior Unix Projects Consultancy: Unix Projects Team performing builds (V440, V480, V880), managing and training new starters and support teams, initiating and assisting with service improvements which included some Korn Shell Scripting projects. Involved in high profile projects such as travelling to Madrid for Manufacturing Server Upgrade, which was completed on time and under budget  for which  Lilly Award for Excellence was received.

Sun Professional Services

Upgrade and support of Solaris 8 systems and configuring Web servers and the design and implementation of  a closed backup solution using flash archive/Legato. Liased with development and database teams during build process. Patching, security hardening.

BT Ignite

Unix Support in BT Ignite’s secure hosting/data centre in Cardiff.  Solstice Disk Suite, Netbackup Data Centre, Jumpstart. Hardware: Netra, E3500, E450, Ultra / sparc station/server, SSA array, A5x00, D1000 arrays. Ultra 5/10. Pro-active patching, upgrades, builds.  Design and build of NDMP backup system.

JP Morgan/Chase Manhattan Bank

Internet Services Projects – Installation and configuration of iPlanet, Apache (inc weblogic plugins) and getAccess onto Solaris 2.6/8 and Win NT4 & W2K.  Patching applications, Support and maintenance of new projects and handing over to JPMChase support team on successful completion.  

UK Govt. Rural Payments Agency: for Sun Professional Services

Technical Team Lead/Architect: Design and implementation of clustered database solution, knowledge transfer, training, and subsequent successful handover of implementation to Rural Payments Agency  

ComputaCenter  for BTCellnet (O2) PLC

Unix Support Team Lead: managing team of 4. Responsible for support of over 1300 Unix  – Sun Solaris and HP-UX servers, autoclients and associated backups across the business.  

British Gas Trading PLC  

Workstream Lead Configuration Management (Unix). Cataloguing and documentation of prime Centrica/BG applications. Creation of imaging and build facility. Demonstrate applications installation and build to ensure Y2K compliance. Future date testing and compliance testing.